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Monday, October 4, 2010

Text as Texture Final and Critique

Text as Texture Final Result and Critique

My group thought my final composition was okay overall. They suggested that the background come out a little more than the squares so it could be more visible as a texture. As an alternate way of doing this, I also could have added more squares on top of the ones I already have to give it more elevation and more on a three dimensional feel. They agreed that there was a bit of conflict present, but the lack of harmony actually helped the piece quite a bit. The squares were a little bit rough and the edges could've had a more pristine feel to them to demonstrate the 'periodic' adjective it was supposed to mimic.

Out of all of the available descriptions, continuance, periodic and closure are what comes the closest accurately describing it, because it's positioned in a pattern and the group had a sense that they wanted it to continue; hence the closure. The gaps between the raised texture in the piece also could have been used to manipulate direction and size in the overall composition.

As for the accordian book, they seemed to agree with the choice I made for my text as texture background. Several seemed kind of the same in comparion, except for the last two in the book, one of which I chosen, which was apparently a good move.

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