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Sunday, September 19, 2010

3D Cardboard Project Critique

Final Result:

     For my final critique my group first started in by comparing my cardboard project to my natural object, a shell. The ridges on the shell were a lot harder to replicate with cardboard than I first thought. They suggested adding more texture to the project to make it look more like a shell. The pointed ridges over each section of the project are supposed to show the ridges from the natural object. If I had enough time, I would've added more texture to the project overall, instead of just leaving it plain like it is now. The holes already cut into the cardboard actually helped me in a big way, allowing me to stick in the pointed edges of cardboard in them so I could represent the edges of the natural object. My group thought that that was a great way to use the structure of the cardboard given to me.

    The main problem with my final project would be the end of the shell, where I used some paper cardboard to try and close it up. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as neat as I had hoped and and the pointed end doesn't represent the natural object as much as I would like it to be. I had, at first, used actual cardboard to close it up, but I ended it up redoing it with this result. Although it was better than my last strategy, it still left a bit to be desired. My group suggested, if I ever had the time, to redo the end with the same amount of paper cardboard, but to make it big enough to twirl it into a spiral of sorts to cover the entire end. It certainly would've made it a lot smoother.

    Overall, I'm a little pleased with it. At least when compared with the natural object, you can kinda tell what it is, although it may be a little bit harder to do if you didn't have the object to compare it by. There were several things that could be fixed to make it look better but in the end I think it's a fair representation, especially given the time it took to make it.

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