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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Newspaper and Cinderblock Experience (8/25)

      This was a very hard, yet really fun project to start out with. I had to sit and try and form a plan of attack and try and figure out how I was going to suspend a cinderblock in the air using just newspaper and tape. Not an easy feat by a long shot. I started gathering up some of the thickest newspapers in my pile and rolled them up to make steady supports for the cinderblock. After that was done, I built a flat platform to put the support on, so it would hold it up without it slipping on whatever surface the structure was on. It was hard to tape the columns to the surface at first, but in the end I found a strategy that worked.

      I was almost sure that my method would work the first time, but I was proven wrong. The cinderblock was simply too heavy for my four columns. I figured this was my trial and error, so I set to work again. I added three more pillars around the four already made to hold it up better. I also curled up the edges of the bottom platform I made and taped them to the pillars, lessening the chance that the columns would crumple or slide. I attached another platform ontop of the columns so the cinderblock could balance on top of the structure. After adding in a lot more tape, my newspaper structure was able to successfully hold a cinderblock. In hindsight, using a lot more tape than I did may have helped, because I still had hefty amount left to use after I was done. I don't have any pictures of it, because the only thing I had was my phone, which cant send texts to an email. But, overall, a very fun project.

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