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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WASH Lecture 2 Summary (9/3)

What is Art?
  • Artists thinks of it (image of a person)
  • Like the way it looks (it's not art, it's... nature?)
  • inspires thought/emotion
  • takes effort and usefulness
  • An artifact is something that someone made
The Impulse for Art

To Present of Re-Present

Representation - one thing stands for another

Styles of Representation
  • Naturalistic - as in nature
  • Realistic - true to life
  • Stylized - simplified to emphasize important detail
  • Abstract - highly stylized (may not be recognizable)
 "Scale of Representation"

  hardcore                                 STYLIZATION                                   Abstract

For our activity in this lecture, we split up to go and evaluate different art that hung on the walls. We described what we thought about it; what elements made it strong, and which made it weak, and whether we liked it or not. These are the two painting I chose:

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