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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Class Critique of Top 16 (9/1)

     I chose for my class critique the top 16 I thought most demonstrated the four gestalt principles. There were four of them chosen for each principle. When we got the critique, the first thing my group pointed out was that most of compositions didn't have any overly large circle that overwhelmed my work. It might have been better to have at least two or three included for some variety, though. Instead, I seem to have pretty basic shapes throughout, from large to small. They also said there was an excess of negative space in some of them (where bigger circles could've been used), while in others there was a suitable amount or not much at all. Sometimes that is a good thing, considering the principles like proximity or closure, where small shapes and a lot of space were, at times, needed to demonstrate them.

     I used three to four basic shapes in my compositions. This can be a good and bad technique. It might lack in variety for doing this, but it also makes it easier to distinguish the principles in doing so. On that note, another critique made by group made was that, even among my top 16, some of them were not as obvious as others. Well, pretty much the point of of the critique was to hear others opinions and pick their version of the top 4, so it was okay if a few of them didn't exactly totally show each principle perfectly. I ended up going with the group's decision for the final four, because they all seemed to be perfect ones for the final project.

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