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Sunday, September 19, 2010

WASH Lecture 4 Summary (9/17)

Post-Modernism (1979)
  • Pluralism of Viewpoints
  • Shift from a dialogue taking place in person (in New York and Paris) to a mediated dialogue (through art fairs, media, etc)
  • The shock of the new rapid progression of styles
  • Rejection of the Past
  • Colonial view of Non-European Cultures
Transgressive (avant garde) - opposition to mainstream society.

Industrial achievements such as the making of the largest ship in the world, The Great Usurper and massive projects such as the Eiffel Tower, saw to the decline of of original, illusionistic pieces of art and focused more on the reality of things. With the birth of photography, more people were focusing on realistic pieces rather than art that expressed an artists feelings.

Impressionism - not a painting, but an expression of what the artists sees (such as Monet)

  • "Art consists of inventing, not copying." - Fernand Leger
  • Fauves: "Wild Beasts"
All over the world, different countries were finding different ways and methods to express themselves through art:
  • Italy - Futurism
  • Cubism
  • Russia - Constructivism
  • Germany - Expressionism
  • Holland - De Stijl

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