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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Final Playful/Periodic Projects and Group Critique

Playful (left) and Periodic (right) project:

   When faced with all six of my compositions (including the dots), my group had some very helpful insights on how possibly to make them better and to choose the right one for my text as texture project.

   For my two latest additions, they said that my periodic piece was very clear to see when associated with that definition. The arrangement of the squares almost looks like a checkerboard, adding a bit of closure to it as well, as if trying to fill in the rest of it. The direction is continuous, another gestalt principle you can clearly see.

   The playful piece is a little bit harder to decipher. When making it, I was thinking of card games, like diamonds and popular games like Bejeweled, as my group pointed out. But to someone who might not think of it that way, or haven't played those games might have a harder time seeing the composition on 'playful'. They suggested if I had spaced the squared out a little more, make it more chaotic, it would be easier to see, since putting them right across from each other like that also shows a sense of periodic as well. 

   They saw both pieces as asymmetrical, on purpose, for how they were made. The meaning for both of them was clear, even if playful could be fleshed out a bit more. There wasn't much of a difference from my dots to the squares, and they looked relatively the same in quality... the dots being a little more precise.

   For the choice of best composition for the text as texture project? Most of them like my periodic piece because it was easy to follow and understand. They also put up options like my similarity and continuous compositions up for debate as well, since the way they were arranged drew some attention from people who were looking at them. I ended up choosing the periodic as my best piece for the next project.

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